Why Participate in Research

Your child may be eligible to be in a research study, but like many parents, you may be asking yourself, “What’s in it for me and my child?”

Appointments without a wait!  Ever find yourself waiting 1, 2, or even more months to get an appointment with a specialist?  Not when you are in a research study!  Appointments are regulated by very specific requirements.  While the frequency of the visits depend on each study, you have a guaranteed appointment.  No double booking, and no waiting once you arrive at the clinic.

Direct access to your health care team!  The research staff is small and you are given a 24 hour, after hours number to call if you have a question or an emergency.  A physician or Registered Nurse will answer or call you back very soon to discuss any issue you may have.

All research study procedures and medication are 100% free of charge, all the time!  In fact, you are compensated for your time and travel for each completed office visit.

You and your child are given access to cutting edge medical treatment and technology only available through a research study!  And again, it doesn’t cost anything!

The #1 reason people chose to participate in research is having the ability to give back to the community, other parents like you, and children just like your child, with sometimes debilitating diseases and disorders.  Our research subjects are junior scientists guaranteeing a better tomorrow for future generations.  They are helping to ensure no other child or family suffers with agonizing questions about treatment or simply, a lack of options.

Conducting research helps us provide to patients and their families opportunities for treatment money can’t buy.  If you would like to help our community, talk to your provider today about current and upcoming research opportunities or call us at the number below.  We look forward to working with you!